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Sandy Webster

Sandy Webster was 10 years old when diagnosed with a rare kidney disease, Heinloch-Schonlein Purpural. She received her first kidney from her dad in 1977 and went on to lead a normal and healthy life, which included finishing high school, college, marrying and having her son, Christopher. Seventeen years later, she learned her kidney function was diminishing and another transplant would be needed. Her husband Chris donated his kidney and their surgery was scheduled February 22, 1995, which led to numerous “Valentine Day” television interviews and stories. She currently lives on the Big Island. Sandy Remarked: “I believe that the general public is learning more and more about organ donation, which is good, since the need for donors is growing substantially as well.” Sandy has attended more than six Transplant Games. She remarked: “Attending the Transplant Games is amazing– it is just something that everyone should see, especially recipients. When you look out at a crowd of thousands and thousands of people, and realize that everybody there has had a transplant–it is really an emotional moment. All of those people would not be there if it were not for the donors.”





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