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  • As of March 2005, 426 people in Hawaii are currently on the waiting list, with 397 of them waiting for a kidney transplant. More than 87,000 people are on the national waiting list.
  • A few years ago, compared to all 50 states, Hawaii had the fewest organ donations per capita. However the numbers are improving and Hawaii ranked in the top third in the past two years. (source: Honolulu Advertiser)
  • Filipinos make up a large part of the transplant waiting list but once accounted for only 3 percent of donors. Recent efforts have increased that to 24 percent. (source: Honolulu Advertiser)
  • An average of 17 people die each day from the lack of available organs for transplant.
  • Every 13 minutes another name is added to the national transplant waiting list.
  • One donor can enhance more than 40 different people's lives.

Because of compelling facts like these the Hawaii Coalition on Donation is committed to educating Hawaii about Organ and Tissue Donation. The Hawaii Coalition on Donation has a straightforward message encompassed in three simple words: Learn, Talk, Decide.  

Learn – Learn about organ and tissue donation as well transplantation so you can make an informed decision on becoming a donor.

Talk – Talk about donation and transplantation with your family and friends.   Talking about the time after you pass away can be uncomfortable, but by openly discussing you thoughts about organ and tissue donation with your family it makes it easier for them, so they are simply carrying out your wishes instead of having to make decisions for you.

Decide – Decide if you would like to become an organ donor. There are many myths and misconceptions about organ donation and by educating yourself first, your decision will be true to your beliefs and wishes.

Attention Department of Education Newsletter readers: The person who donated a kidney to a stranger is Dwight Toyama, Athletic Administrator for the Department of Education
Dwight Toyama, the Athletic Administrator for the Department of Education, made a unique decision about that waiting list that only five other people in Hawaii have ever made before – he decided to donate a kidney to become a “living donor.” Dwight was determined to follow through with his idea, event though Dr. Limm, the head transplantation at St. Francis, was extremely cautious. After going through six months of extensive physical and psychological tests, Dwight's operation in July of 2002 was a success. Today, he and his recipient, a teenage girl, are healthy.

To see pictures and a detailed article, go to: http://www.iolani.org/pdf/alum_coverstory_winter03.pdf

Speaker's Bureau:
If you are interested in having a speaker come to your classroom, group or association, please contact Christine Bogee at the Organ Donor Center of Hawaii at 599-7630.

For the latest statistics on Hawaii and candidates on the waiting list, visit The Organ Procurement Transplant Network at http://www.optn.org/ Click on “Data” and then on “View Data Reports” then on “State Data” then on “Hawaii.”

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